It’s our Brand Specialists that make us special

We’ve said that Revilo Automotive is special. Here’s the main reason why. Our Brand Specialists

In a nutshell, what Revilo Brand Specialists don’t know about the brands and cars they specialise in is not worth knowing. They’re like a walking A-Z of the marque. If your car is a limited edition that makes it more sought after, they’ll know it. If you’ve added touches like a Sunroof, Double spoke alloy wheels, satellite navigation, they’ll be aware of how it enhances the value. Colour can have a big influence on a vehicle’s value too. In short, valuing a car is far from a black and white issue! There’s another factor that makes our Brand Specialists special. You can talk to them. Our customers find that chatting with real people makes such a refreshing change from dealing with a computer. As well as automotive experts, they’re all ‘people people’. Reason why some customers still seek their advice long after they’ve sold their car. Now, time to meet the team …