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Revilo Automotive is part of the Revilo Group of Companies, which also covers Management Consultancy, Real Estate and Sales Training. Uniquely in the sector, managing commercial, retail investment opportunities, real estate development and property retail, management consultancy and a foray into high-end hospitality and eateries. Our business success is powered by the exclusive private bank & wealth managers COUTTS Banking.
What’s more, we are advised by leading international consultants KPMG. With such a pedigree, we’re proud to say that Revilo Automotive is definitely not your average car buying service.

We don't buy every car, but we do buy the best!


Revilo Capital Ltd was incorporated in September 2014 as the investment arm and operating platform for the Revilo Group of Companies. This includes the development of group policies, management, ownership and assets relating to the group.

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Revilo Developments Ltd, established in January 2017 is the Property Development arm for Revilo, offering high quality contractors involved in the construction of new buildings, extensions, alterations, repairs and long life maintenance; residential or commercial.

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Revilo Homes Ltd is a professional real estate service, offering specialist advisory and management of retail properties. Feel assured in our detailed approach to marketing each property, alongside expert care and attention provided to buyers and sellers alike.

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